Viewer Discretion Is Advised… But We’re Not Really Sure Why.

I’ve been giving this some thought for quite a while now and I can not find a good reason against it. Granted, the weather has FINALLY cooled off a bit. I live in Georgia (southern part of the United States for those of you elsewhere) where it is usually hot, humid, and generally intolerable, weather-wise. Actually, it’s fairly intolerable with non-weather things, too, but I’ll get to those later. My point is that clothing is wonderful when you need to be outside when it’s cold, but why is nudity a problem?

The primary gist of this goes back a few posts to the whole “parents should teach their children to respect what they’re attracted to and not make a fuss or in any way instigate an aggressive, probably sexually fueled, assault” thing. I will admit that when if I were to see a naked woman somewhere (as that’s what I’m attracted to) I would look. I would feel urges, but I wouldn’t act on them. If nothing else, it would be rude. That doesn’t mean that if it’s remarkably hot outside that a woman shouldn’t be allowed to go topless. Men can. Men have nipples. Some men have full-blown breasts! But that doesn’t stop them from going topless at the pool, or while mowing their yard, or just being outside in general.

That doesn’t mean I necessarily want to see it, but there it is nonetheless. It’s his right. But why isn’t it her right, too? What makes the female breast so offensive to some people? Is it that they’re actually functional at certain times? Breast feeding is a perfectly natural thing. Biologically speaking, that’s what they’re there for. So, why are women made to cover up their infants when they breast feed? It really makes no sense. I will also admit to being a bit wierded-out when a nine-year old is breast feeding. Never seen that in person but it pops up on the ‘net now and again in some bizarre tabloid-ish story. But, you know what? It’s their right to do so… provided it isn’t sexual.

Not that there’s anything wrong with sex, mind you. It’s a spectacular thing. And I’ll go so far as to say that doing that in public, or, should I say, while people are watching in public, is a bit beyond me. But that doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t be allowed to be nude whenever or where ever they want. What, really, is the big deal about it? I wouldn’t do it myself. Frankly, I don’t want to look at me, nor can I think of anyone who really would want to see that. But as an option, why isn’t it one?

Yes, I have a penis. No, it’s not spectacular. I think it looks a little silly. I suspect most of them do, although I haven’t paid any attention to any others than mine, except maybe in porn where you almost have to look at it and wonder if they really get to be that size. Those you almost expect to have a lightsaber sound effect to go with them. But, again, if it’s that large, and it seems to be a socially acceptable thing to say how large your thing is, wouldn’t you want to show it off? Can’t you see the conversations?

“Hey, Ted! I got a new Ferrari!”

“Yeah, Mike? Well, I got one of these!” Ka-fwomp!

“Jesus, Ted! Where’d you get that!? (And would you mind getting it off my car?)”

Ted should be quite happy about that. I mean, if it at any time has that kind of sound effect to go with it. Regardless, if, weather permitting, it makes sense to go nude, why not? Teach children to respect all body types regardless of how fat, thin, endowed or even what color they see. It’s not a taboo thing. People say “it’s not natural.” Frankly, it is literally the most natural thing in the world. No one has ever come out of the womb fully clothed. It is, literally, natural. And, if I may put a point on the end of this, a great way to stop body shaming. People come in all shapes and sizes and why would you want it to be any other way?


  1. I get what you’re saying my friend… and for all intents and purposes, I agree… but not always. The age of being butt naked in the Amazon rain forests or running around with minimal or no clothing in prehistorical Asia, Africa, in French caves and any number of subcontinents, was, until someone pointed out that it was fine. Now it is not. Those ancestors of ours in equatorial continents and on the Russian steppes, did not have the same problems as we do today.

    You, My Husband and a lot of other EVOLVED men I know, may appreciate seeing live nudity in common settings, such as one’s home, on a beach etc.. When I was in the Canaries (for instance)it was common place, male and female, to see boatloads of Nudity on the beaches. It still is in museums (Paintings, sculptures etc.). The Romans, Greeks etc. were just as licentious as man is today, but they had their own set of rules.

    Unfortunately… Man no longer can discipline himself at times. I’d be lying if I said that looking around that “public” place that unsuspecting mom is using to breast feed, and seeing everything from out right licentiousness – to red faced older women to giggling teens makes me uncomfortable.

    Because of this, bad things have happened to nice people, including children. Women breast-feeding in public is certainly their right, although I always ask myself, is there no restroom, lounge, empty office? I’ve noticed that even Publics grocery store has “family rest rooms now and I KNOW that airports etc, have a place for this very thing. Why does mom bring baby out during hours they KNOW that junior must be fed. Of course, I am old school on this… but I am honestly hard pressed to believe a mother can’t find SOME privacy (how about her own car) to nurse the kid.

    There was a a time in my life, I would have had NO problem showing myself off , top to bottom, nude or otherwise, but I just didn’t see the purpose in it. Men In my day and time, like a little mystery, a little adventure to discover “something of value”… It seems silly to think of nudity as “bad, illegal or dirty” , but it is also silly to me to think of it as something that needs to be public – not all of us think it is necessary or even attractive.

    Think of it this way.. You know that penis thing you mentioned? “Silly looking” at best, regardless of the size… I am always reminded of the statue of David , massive, beautiful , huge , out sized hands, exquisite physique…with a penis you almost had to look for… Which probably accounts for the reasons male and female nudes were sculpted the way they were… With nothing showing between a woman’s legs to speak of and a decidedly unprepossessing male member – it detracts on males either way, but not quite as much as John Holmes… whose face, I cannot recall for the life of me…



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