Not The Best Start

For the beginning of a new decade, we’re not off to the best start – in my book anyway. Not just on an international level with all the kerfuffle about who shot down what plane and who assassinated whom. That’s on the other side of the planet. I’m thinking more close to home. I seem to have lost an idol.

For me, it started with bronchitis. Why it’s called acute bronchitis, I don’t understand. Acute means small in angular terms and this wasn’t small. If anything, it was obtuse bronchitis. I coughed up garden slugs – well, it looked like them anyway. There was nothing cute about this. One of my kids asked if I was going to live through it and wasn’t being sarcastic. I lost days of work and I’m pretty sure part of my lungs.

Next, electricity. There were two electric events over the past week or so. Both took out parts of my computer system. One completely fried a laptop. The other completely fried the cable that ran from the junction box to the house, which is why there have been no posts recently. The later meant I had to deal with the customer dis-service department with WOW, the only local internet provider. The actual internet service is fine… when it works. Telling them that it isn’t working anymore, they never believe anyone and charge $50 to come out and prove it to themselves – and only then do they think about fixing it. Not actually fix it. That can take days. Just think about it.

Then, the big loss for me. My parents came into town to do a belated holiday thing, which was nice. We concluded the last night by going to a Chinese restaurant. (If you’re in the Augusta, GA. area, Formossa’s has wonderful food!) Before we ate, though, we, my parents and kids, wandered through the neighboring music store. When we entered, my mom said, “We should have bought you a drum set when you were a kid.” I replied with, “Well, I did ask for one.” This is foreshadowing.

After our meal, we got the traditional (in America anyway) fortune cookie. Mine said “You will receive excellent news tonight.” I took it with a grain of salt and thought, “that would be nice.” Notice I didn’t say anything about holding my breath on that. About ten minutes later, one of my daughters grumbled at her cell phone. I asked what was wrong and she said, “um… dad. You’re not going to like this.” She showed me a “breaking news” page that displayed a picture of Neil Peart, drummer and lyricist for Rush and a personal inspiration to me. The headline, “Neil Peart, Dead at 67.”

I was crushed. I never got the opportunity to meet Neil. Not many people did. He was a very private man. But the lyrics and books he wrote were magical to me. Watching him play the drums was also quite an experience, which I was able to do only twice but I have vivid memories of both shows. Yes, I love Geddy and Alex, too. The whole concept of Rush spoke to me and helped me through some tough times.

I know that they stopped doing shows about five years ago. That’s not the point. There was always a little glimmer of hope that after a significant break, they’d return. New album! New tour! Even an abbreviated one would be nice. I’d find a way to get there.

That’s not going to happen now.

So, yeah. The beginning of the 2020’s kinda sucks so far. Hopefully you’re doing better and I’ll have happier posts as the year goes on. Here’s hoping. While you’re here, I will say that I’m going to go for an every Friday posting around noon EST, but there may be extras. Subscribe and you’ll get them all. It’s just easier that way.


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  1. Considering the life-threatening illnesses, and the premonition of Neil Peart’s death, (which I could have told you about, but I was afraid your reaction might be the same as my sons, which was ” Sorry Mom, I don’t know much about him, was he a contemporary?”, which he was. To be honest, I didn’t know a great deal about him either – but only because his music wasn’t my fav. ) that you were even up to writing this at all. But I am so glad you did, because it is one of your BEST! LOVED IT! HUGS! See you at the Next Bookworms!


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