The Curious Case Of Dawn Gentry

This particular entry isn’t going to be particularly long, but it is going to be weird. It concerns a Kentucky judge who has been accused of a number of things, according to an article I found in the New York Post. It concerns our legal system, our country’s morals (kinda) and a comment about the alleged events.

The story, according to the New York Post, goes a little like this. Dawn Gentry was a judge in Kenton County, Kentucky. She has been suspended (with pay, so, VACATION!) while an investigation is being conducted concerning her conduct on the bench. She is specifically accused of hiring her boyfriend, Stephen Penrose, and having unusual sexual activity.

The problem with the boyfriend, I believe, would be a problem regardless of his relationship. He allegedly drank on the job and spent more time playing guitar than actually working. Bad employee. Fire him. Case closed. I have, however, never heard of a place that said, “you hired that idiot! You’re fired, too!” Sometimes people interview well and turn out to be complete crap. That could have happened here and her relationship should be irrelevant.

But then there’s the other part. The sex thing. Judge Gentry and boyfriend/idiot Penrose allegedly engaged with the judge’s secretary Laura Aubrey in a threesome. Gentry, while serving on a panel to help abused children, allegedly tried to add fellow panel member Katherine Schulz into a second threesome.

Whether you think threesomes are morally reprehensible or not, they’re not illegal. I can see where trying to seduce a panel member to join in might be construed as, well, bad, I suppose. But from what I understand, she was asked, not coerced or blackmailed. And the secretary seemed to be voluntarily there for the other one. I think the only problem might be the one Bill Clinton ran into. Doing it while at work.

If Bill Clinton wasn’t in the Oval Office when he got his “shillelagh polished,” why would there have even been an issue? Similarly, if the judge and her “court” weren’t on the bench or in her office, why should there be an issue? What you do legally behind closed doors is your business.

But, I hear you ask, why is this a curious case? That’s how you titled it. Well, I’m curious about two things. One is where did this alleged threesome take place because location seems to be important for the aforementioned reasons. And two, Judge Gentry did issue a statement where she “denied most of the charges against her.” So the questions I will leave you with is the one I have from the statement: “Most?”


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  1. Oh Good grief…Is this a joke? Maybe I am a little too old fashioned. This little lady either has very poor taste in (boy) friends and acquaintances or she is honestly very reckless orrrrr… like, someone else we both know, thinks she’s above the law. Bottom Line, even if she, (or anyone else) feels this little foray into “let’s see how far I can push this envelope”. I love risk-takers, and people who like to live large and fully, but stuff like this makes me feel uncomfortable… Might make a tacky book to pay her lawyers’ fees with.


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