Dear YouTube,

I have a new complaint about YouTube. It’s about their new content rules and regulations. It’s nothing big, really, but it makes some people sound bad.

The short form is as follows: YouTube videos now have a new category that all videos have to be put in. The video is either “for kids” or “not for kids.” The policy itself, I really don’t have a problem with. Of course there are things that are not “children appropriate” on YouTube. Labeling them as such makes sense.

My problem comes with the phrasing. If the video is for kids, then it’s for kids and there are no issues. But the “not for kids” videos are labelled as unsafe for children, or at least appear to be. I do have a problem with that. The phrasing is “is the video made specifically for children?” If the answer is no, then it’s dubbed unsafe. I get that. It almost sounds good. Except for people like me.

I produce podcasts that are for EVERYONE. Kids can listen if they want to, there’s nothing overtly sexual, perhaps the occasional reference but nothing pornographic. There are adult topics in the shows. But these days, “adult topics” makes it sound like porn. I don’t make porn. I make podcasts about movies and television. I produce shows about finance and religion. All of these are “kid friendly,” but might just bore the socks off of them. Much in the same way Teletubbies and Thomas the Tank Engine bore the crap out of me.

So, I end this very short entry with an open letter to YouTube:

Dear YouTube,

Is there a way you can rephrase your “child friendly content” labels and descriptions so that those of us who make videos that are children safe but with topics that typically only adults would be interested but are, in fact, not specifically for children, don’t come out of the whole uploading process feeling like we’re distributing child pornography? It would be greatly appreciated.


A Vast Majority Of YouTube Creators


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  1. After reading this, my heart really went out to you Rob. Never, in my wildest dreams, did I ever think what crises “modern” parents are faced with considering the endless all the new-fangled choices offered on the net these days. In your case, you have several brilliant kids (as I recall) and they are all pretty savvy about the internet, it’s dangers and pitfalls lurking around every stroke of the keyboard. You aren’t producing for YOUTUBE are you? I thought you were just USING Youtube to vent… oh wait… you just did… Good job old sport… Now let’s see what the response is…


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