Dangerously Cheesy (The Religion, Not The Snack)

A little while ago, someone on Facebook posted a very dangerous video. It was from a priest of some indeterminable denomination and it contained a very errant message. He said,

“God just spoke to me and said that if you feel symptoms, do not take the flu shot, it contains the corona virus.”

1) No he didn’t. God hasn’t spoken to anyone directly in about 4,000 years.

2) Why the hell would he tell you that?! It isn’t true. It was completely made up. If it were true, then people who got their flu shot back in June would have had it by now. I got my shot. Didn’t get the corona virus. So, just no.

3) This means he had to make that up… but why? What possible purpose does that serve? All it could possibly do is LITERALLY kill his congregation.

There is no evidence that any vaccine causes any actual problems. Autism? I hear that one a lot. Vaccines do not cause autism. Your kid was autistic before but since you hadn’t bothered to get him vaccinated, you’re likely not a good enough parent to notice. Get your kid vaccinated. Get them tested for autism. Start parenting you twit.

As for reverend death and his video, this goes back to a post I had not that long ago. (link) God seems to have created us to suffer while “the devil” wants good things for us. I have trouble worshiping something that wants people to suffer. Regardless, I did unfriend someone over this. If they already “believe” this, it’s not really worth the argument. If you’re on the fence, hopefully this kept you on the right side of life.


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