A Simple Fix For A Happier World?

Am I being too simplistic? I should back up a bit and explain what I’m talking about. I’m tired of the politics. Running a country shouldn’t really have anything to do with politics. For every problem, there is a solution. Probably multiple solutions. Pick the one that works best for the most people and use it. How hard can it be? That’s neither here nor there though. What we need to do is have either more cohesive parties, or, better yet, more parties.

I know. I know. No one is going to go for the “more parties” option… except just about every other country on the planet. Of course, they seem to have figured out healtcare and gun control, too. And we can’t have that here. Not really sure why, but there we go.

So, let’s shorten the election season and make it nicer. Every two years we start a cycle called the democratic election process. Halfway during a term one part of it starts and when the election is over, it starts again. Each cycle lasts about two years. It winds down and you think we might be able to get on with life, but, no. It starts up again almost immediately. Yes I am writing this at the beginning of March and it may seem like it’s over for now… but wait. 2024 is coming. Anyway…

One thing I’ve noticed every time a party decides who’s running for president, someone comes from absolute nowhere to be the new vice-president and we all look at each other and say “who the hell is this guy?” (Unless they’re from your state…sometimes.) There is a much easier way of doing this AND, most importantly in my book, will get the party to get along with ITSELF. Whoever wins the primary gets to run for president. Second place, however, is the new vice-president.

What are the advantages? The party has to be nice to itself and work as a TEAM. There will be fewer debates as they have to get along and work together. The people who voted for the second place person will now vote for the first place person since their guy/girl/hermaphrodite is still there and not switch to voting for the other party because they’re disgruntled with their party.

AND, WE THE PEOPLE get to have our lives back. News channels will start reporting the actual news. Advertisements will no longer have to tell us that someone is running and they support their own message – which I never understood. (You hear at the end of a “Tide” commercial that “Tide” approves this message.) The parties will be better united and we might just be able to find a combination of people good enough to run the country in a nice and logical, yet compassionate, manner.

Am I being too simplistic?


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