Why I Don’t Bother With Trump Anymore

Many moons ago, there was a podcast called The FWOT Show. It was one of mine and bits and pieces of it are still out there. Basically, it was a satirical news show… or, at least, it started out that way. I would take news stories, find a funny slant on them, and pass that along to you in 10-minute chunks. I killed it off a couple years ago now because one thing killed off my fun with it. That thing was an orange moron named Donald Trump.

I know you’re probably thinking, but he’s such a great target for comedy. All he has to do is open his mouth and you have something idiotic that is funny. Wouldn’t the shows write themselves? You’d think, wouldn’t you? Except for one very important thing –

It stopped being funny and started being tragic.

I noticed, early on, if I’m honest, that he was different than Bush the Second. Good ol’ G.W. would open his mouth and moronic things would tumble out and we’d all laugh because he sounded so stupid. “Fool me once, twice, three times a lady.” Okay, that isn’t an actual quote, but for a moment you thought that it might have been. Nothing dangerous about it. Just silliness.

Then, along came the orange one. He would open his mouth and idiocy would tumble out. Not moronic things like Bush’s misremembering of quotes, but dangerous things like, “Let’s dismantle the EPA” or “We don’t need a COVID-19 strike team.” There’s a difference. Bush wasn’t trying to actively ruin the planet. Bush, if anything, seemed surprised that he got the job most of the time. Trump is actively trying to destroy as much of the planet as possible.

The environment? Check. The economy? Check. Actual lives? Check. Peace? Working on it. Have you noticed how he somehow has the words ally and enemy confused? He’s lovey-dovey with the “enemy” and pissing off the allies. He’s all chummy with Stalin… sorry, Putin. He seems to like Kim Jung Un… or Deux… or whatever clone he’s up to. (Yeah, that’s right. I made him French/Korean.)

Is Trump easy to make fun of? Yes. He’s an easy target. Easy targets get boring quickly. But he’s worse than that. He’s an easy but deadly target. I look at him as a bit of a Death Star that’s almost entirely exhaust port. Would he be easy to take down? Probably. Is he going to take out as much as he can on his way out? Yep. Why? Ratings. He thinks that’s the be-all end-all of life.

He’s wrong. You know he’s wrong. He even knows he’s wrong. It’s his supporters who need to know that isn’t how you run a country. I honestly hope, I really do, that they come around and realize that he’s destroying their lives and literally putting them at risk all for his monetary gain. Here’s another realization. Donald Trump is an inverted Robin Hood. He takes from the poor. Keeps it for himself. And he’s orange.


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