What is the best season of Star Trek: The Next Generation?

The scale and the scope:

Because I needed something lighter after watching the news of the past, well, year… I’ve been re-watching my Star Trek and had the question in my mind before that. What is the best season? Below is listed every Next Generation episode by season. It contains a numbered scale rating from -2 to 2 with 0 being a neutral (meh) episode. Some episodes are better than others. Some, while considered critically excellent, had a dissatisfying ending.

For example, The Best of Both Worlds Part II was an excellent episode right until they got to the ending where they just put the Borg to sleep. For what went on in part 1 and the first 75% of that episode, it was excellent, but the ending was disappointing. It got a 1 which means it’s better than ‘meh’ but not quite up there with the first part that left us with an incredible cliff-hanger.

The list (below) is done in columns of Episode number, number in season, Title, Stardate (if interested and because I found it kinda cool to have somewhere), and, finally, Ranking.

The final results are as follows:

Season 1                            15

Season 2                            -13*              

Season 3                            29

Season 4                            29

Season 5                            24

Season 6                            30

Season 7                            29

I must admit that I’m surprised that season 6 is best. Although, I can not argue with 3, 4 and 7 being right up there. What is your opinion of this listing? We’ll talk about this on “The Reviews Are In” if you email me:


* note – many episodes of Season 2 are downgraded due to the presence of Dr. Pulaski, who was, mercifully, NOT in the introduction to the Borg episode.

Season 1

1 21 2Encounter at Farpoint41153.72
33The Naked Now41209.20
44Code of Honor41235.250
55The Last Outpost41386.40
66Where No One Has Gone Before41263.12
77Lonely Among Us41249.31
99The Battle41723.91
1010Hide and Q41590.51
1212The Big Goodbye41997.70
1414Angel One41636.90
1616Too Short a Season41309.50
1717When the Bough Breaks41509.10
1818Home Soil41463.90
1919Coming of Age41416.20
2020Heart of Glory41503.70
2121The Arsenal of Freedom41798.21
2323Skin of Evil41601.31
2424We’ll Always Have Paris41697.90
2626The Neutral Zone41986.01

Season 2

271The Child42073.1-1
282Where Silence Has Lease42193.6-1
293Elementary, Dear Data42286.30
304The Outrageous Okona42402.7-1
315Loud as a Whisper42477.2-1
326The Schizoid Man42437.5-1
337Unnatural Selection42494.8-2
348A Matter of Honor42506.50
359The Measure of a Man42523.70
3610The Dauphin42568.80
3812The Royale42625.4-2
3913Time Squared42679.2-1
4014The Icarus Factor42686.4-1
4115Pen Pals42695.3-1
4216Q Who42761.32
4317Samaritan Snare42779.11
4418Up the Long Ladder42823.20
4620The Emissary42901.30
4721Peak Performance42923.40
4822Shades of Gray42976.10

Season 3

50[nb 1]1Evolution43125.81
492The Ensigns of Command43133.31
513The Survivors43152.42
524Who Watches the Watchers43173.52
535The Bonding43198.71
546Booby Trap43205.62
557The Enemy43349.21
568The Price43385.60
579The Vengeance Factor43421.91
5810The Defector43462.51
5911The Hunted43489.21
6012The High Ground43510.71
6113Déjà Q43539.11
6214A Matter of Perspective43610.41
6315Yesterday’s Enterprise43625.22
6416The Offspring43657.01
6517Sins of the Father43685.21
6719Captain’s Holiday43745.20
6820Tin Man43779.32
6921Hollow Pursuits43807.41
7022The Most Toys43872.2-1
7224Ménage à Troi43930.71
7426The Best of Both Worlds, Part I43989.12

Season 4

751The Best of Both Worlds, Part II44001.41
784Suddenly Human44143.71
795Remember Me44161.22
828Future Imperfect44286.51
839Final Mission44307.30
8410The Loss44356.90
8511Data’s Day44390.12
8612The Wounded44429.62
8713Devil’s Due44474.50
8915First Contact44575.21
9016Galaxy’s Child44614.62
9117Night Terrors44631.22
9218Identity Crisis44664.52
9319The Nth Degree44704.20
9521The Drumhead44769.21
9622Half a Life44805.31
9723The Host44821.31
9824The Mind’s Eye44885.51
9925In Theory44932.31
10026Redemption, Part I44995.32

Season 5

1011Redemption, Part II45021.30
1033Ensign Ro45076.30
1044Silicon Avatar45122.31
1066The Game45208.20
1077Unification, Part I45233.12
1088Unification, Part II45245.82
1099A Matter of Time45349.12
11010New Ground45376.31
11111Hero Worship45397.31
11313The Masterpiece Society45470.10
11515Power Play45571.20
11717The Outcast45614.61
11818Cause and Effect45652.12
11919The First Duty45703.91
12020Cost of Living45733.61
12121The Perfect Mate45761.31
12222Imaginary Friend45852.12
12323I, Borg45854.22
12424The Next Phase45892.40
12525The Inner Light45944.10
12626Time’s Arrow, Part I45959.11

Season 6

1271Time’s Arrow, Part II46001.30
1282Realm of Fear46041.11
1293Man of the People46071.61
1326True Q46192.31
1348A Fistful of Datas46271.50
1359The Quality of Life46315.21
13610Chain of Command, Part I46357.42
13711Chain of Command, Part II46360.82
13812Ship in a Bottle46424.11
14014Face of the Enemy46519.11
14216Birthright, Part I46578.42
14317Birthright, Part II46579.20
14418Starship Mine46682.41
14620The Chase46731.52
14721Frame of Mind46778.11
14923Rightful Heir46852.21
15024Second Chances46915.21
15226Descent, Part I46982.12

Season 7

1531Descent, Part II47025.42
1564Gambit, Part I47135.22
1575Gambit, Part II47160.10
1597Dark Page47254.11
1619Force of Nature47310.21
16412The Pegasus47457.12
16614Sub RosaUnknown1
16715Lower Decks47566.72
16816Thine Own Self47611.21
17018Eye of the Beholder47622.11
17220Journey’s End47751.21
17624Preemptive Strike47941.71
177 17825 26All Good Things…479882 2


    1. That episode could have been made 1,000,000% better if Pulaski hadn’t been in it. Although, I will admit that it would be considered my favorite with her in it if I could bring myself to have a favorite with her in it. (Subnote: I actually tuned in to the episode of LA Law where she was killed off just to see one of her characters die. I really can NOT stand Diana Muldur.)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think the one Pulaski in was Elementary, Dear Data. I don’t recall seeing her in Ship in a Bottle but I agree with you, I also hated the Pulaski character. Mainly because she distrust Data all the time!!!


      2. My apologies. You are correct. “Bottle” was the 2nd Moriarty episode, and I did like that one. I was thinking about “Elementary.” I’m not sure I can narrow it down to one favorite for me because every time I do, another episode pops up and goes, “what about me?”


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