Set Phrases for Obsolete – Volume 2

Here are some more phrases that are used frequently, almost daily by some, and I don’t think people have quite thought them through. They really don’t make a whole lot of sense. I’ve decided to compile a list of them for the purpose of showing why they don’t work in hopes that we’ll find something to replace them with.

Once In A Blue Moon
This supposed to signify that something is rare. The problem is that there are thirteen of them in 2020 ALONE! How about perfect games in baseball? 23 in 150 years. Once in a perfect game would be more rare. I do understand that giving an actual probability of 1:1,000,000 would be inaccurate and anal people would get upset. Just say it’s rare and move on.

A Blessing In Disguise
Why the **** are blessings disguised? (see previous post about religion hiding)

It’s A Piece Of Cake
This is a phrase that is supposed to mean something is easy. However, have you ever made a cake?… from scratch? Not really that easy without instructions is it? Even with the instructions, it’s a time consuming task that isn’t exactly easy as it sounds like it might be. The argument is, but it means as easy as eating cake. Not really sure I’ve heard it in that particular context before but if that is what it means, what does that do for me? Eating cake is easy but I’m diabetic so it’s easy but with potentially fatal consequences. Not the best phrase, now, is it?

Let The Cat Out Of The Bag
What’s a cat doing in a bag? The only time I am aware of that people put a cat in a bag is if they’re going to throw it off a bridge and into a lake. I’m allergic to the damn things but even I wouldn’t do that. The phrase is about giving away secrets but it really means to save the lives of cats. Know what? Just get rid of this one.

Seeing Eye To Eye
I know it’s supposed to mean that you understand someone else’s point of view, but getting it literally correct would be a bit off-putting. How often are people really the same height? Or, more accurately, how often are their eyes at the same height? Two people might be the same size but one might have an enormous forehead. This is just an odd phrase. Retire it.

Avoid Like The Plague
This has to be retired since we can’t seem to actually do that.

I told you there would be more of these. And there still will be.


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