Should We Blame Rusev?

I think we missed something. It was right there for us to see on one of the highest rated shows on televisionā€¦ back then. Granted, it’s slipped lately with actual competition and the COVID thing going on. But right there, on the USA Network, WWE Monday Night Raw showed us the link between trump and Russia.

At the time (2015), there was a story-line going about a new wrestler named Rusev and his wife Lana. They were from Russia and they were here to conquer the WWE. Oh joy, another Russian invasion angle. Those have been going on almost as long as there’s been professional wrestling. This time felt different, though. Perhaps it was that the Russian wrestler, Rusev, didn’t talk much and his wife/mouthpiece Lana, who, for some reason, lost her Russian accent fairly quick, went on about how Russia was a better country and how Vladimir Putin was a superior leader to anything in the United States and they would be able to prove that soon.

The next year, we had trump and his cohorts accept help from Russia in getting elected to the office he currently holds. No, I won’t actually say it because that’s the only glimmer of hope I am clinging on to. It was right there in “high-definition” every Monday night. Russia was going to take over the United States through trickery and scheming in a plot that only someone like Dick Dastardly, Snidley Whiplash and Boris and Natasha could come up with. And damnit – it worked.

There was no pretense of bipartisanship as there was in, let’s say, 2008, when the WWE gave time to McCain, Clinton and Obama to pitch their election campaigns. I honestly don’t remember if 2012 they did that or not. 2016? Nope. trump all the way. And why not? He’s in the WWE Hall of Fameā€¦ which doesn’t really exist. It’s all in Vince MacMahon’s head. There is no building to visit. No plaques. No statues. No banners. Just a little corner of Vinnie Mac’s head. Honestly, for a guy who created the Katie Vick story-line (and you can look that up on your own), that’s not a place I have a particular interest in being.

It started me thinking about other media that may have influenced the election. Unfortunately, the only thing I could definitively come up with was “Orange is the New Black.” Well, trump did replace Obama. I suppose the only upside of that is that when this particular chapter in history is finished, which can’t come soon enough, Donnie’s new wardrobe will match his skin tone.

Don’t forget to vote!

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