Whose Idea Was Fashion Anyway?

I’m not one for fashion. Give me a t-shirt and jeans any time. I’m a firm believer that clothes 1) should be functional in that they cover things and protect from the elements and 2) should be comfortable. Period. Anything else is gravy. There are several clothing stereotypes I do not understand.

Let’s look at the first one. Men are expected to wear something clean. Whether it’s jeans and a tee shirt or a tuxedo, as long as it’s not dirty, it’s fine. Also there’s a simplicity to “men’s fashion.” There aren’t any “required accessories” apart from, maybe, a tie. Even then, that’s an accessory I do not understand. Mainly because it’s a noose. I can not fathom any situation where I would actually need to have a weapon that can only be used against me dangling from around my neck. I’m told its purpose is to cover buttons. Well, then don’t wear shirts with buttons… problem solved. Who says buttons are professional looking anyway? My guess, button makers.

Another stereotype is that Women are expected to wear something that matches and can’t be something that’s been worn before. It’s coordinated. It’s in fashion. It doesn’t make them look too fat or too thin. And if someone has worn it before, that’s a faux pas that can never be lived down. Because women have an unlimited budget for wardrobe? Who says that? Women have the potential to look just fine in whatever they’re wearing. I think the only rule I’ve head that women must obey, concerning things they are “not allowed” to wear is, ironically, a tie – the one accessory men “must have.” Why the hell not? I don’t see the purpose for it in women’s attire either, but if you really want to, knock yourself out. Makes no difference to me.

Meanwhile, who’s setting these expectations? Women. Maybe gay men. And why? [There is a considerable pause here while I try to find an answer.] Yeah, I can’t seem to find a reason. Perhaps the “fashion industry” wants more money? Fashion magazines want more interesting covers? Fashion websites want to have more and different things to look at. Oh, wait… it’s the fashion industry that’s setting the rules for the purpose of them getting more money. Silly me.

Well, if that’s the case. As long as they show up… who cares what they’re wearing? Does it smell? No? Great. Let whomever it is do whatever it is they’re here to do. Now we can move on with a little more money in our pockets and a little less stress in our lives. What are you wearing? Is it the same thing I’m wearing? Who cares? Wear clothes. Or not. The choice is yours. Just remember, when it comes to fashion, the answer to “does this make me look fat?” is not “well, it’s not the clothes.” Be safe and WEAR A DAMN MASK! That’s not an optional accessory. That’s life support for our society.


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