Reason To Vote Biden – It Saves Money

I’ve been trying to steer away from politics because it sickens me to even think about Washington DC these days. Between the politicians and the NFL team that is currently nameless and the nosedive our current World Series champs have taken, is there anything good there? So, how do we make it better? We vote out who’s there now and replace him with someone who is better.

Is Joe Biden perfect? No. But, we have to remember, politics isn’t a marriage – it’s public transportation. Find the bus that takes you closest to where you want to go and take it. Biden gets us closer to sanity. Let’s go Biden. If nothing else, it will save us money. Want proof? Here you go.

It comes in the form of golf. Never cared for the sport myself. Yes, I did take it as a P.E. class in college. I thought it would be an easy A and something I could sleep through. I got a B – so I guess I overslept. I did manage to hit a moving car once, though, so that’s a win in my book. Regardless, the orange monstrosity is enamored with the “sport.” By the way, golf is, at best, a competition. It does require skill, but it does not have a defense, a team, a scoring system in a positive direction, and you can be incredibly fat and out of shape while still playing – therefore the orange one is fine.

I was looking at the cost of your average PGA (Professional Golfers Association) tournament. It cost between $1200-1500 to enter and that does not include lodging or food. The tournament also makes money from advertising and spectators. Boy, does it make money from spectators! Let’s look at the Master’s tournament. Tickets for “practice rounds,” yes, we’re talking about practice, start at $820 per day. Actual game play? $2125 per day. That does include food and beverege, I think, but not hotel or transportation. The PGA makes money.

The orange one, through September 7, 2020, has cost the tax-payers $141-MILLION in just golf. Where did most of that go? Into the coffers of Mar-a-Lago. Who owns that? The orange one himself. Therefore, he put, let’s say he played just HALF of that at his house, over $70-MILLION into his own pocket. That was our money, you know.

So, if nothing else, you should vote Biden to save money. Our money should not go into his pocket. It never should have, and, with any luck, when he finally does go to jail, which will happen, we’ll get some of it back. Wouldn’t that be nice? Now get out and vote. (But just the once – that’s how it’s legal.)

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