Maybe There Is A New Hope

I was watching the original Star Wars (A New Hope – Episode IV – the FIRST ONE!) again and I saw a scene that really did sum up what the United States is going through at the moment. The scene (spoilers for those of you who live under a rock and haven’t seen this – even my friend Lydia has seen this so you have no excuse): Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie and the droids are on the Millenium Falcon having escaped from the Death Star. Leia and Han are in the cockpit and she tells him “it’s not over, yet.” That’s where we are. Look at it like this:

The election is FINALLY over and humans appear to have the one the major battle. The primary Death Star problems seem to be behind us – by which I mean trump, aka Jabba the Hutt, has been voted out. That’s not the only problem. Mitch McConnell, aka Grand Moff Tarkin, is still in power with a fairly large power base (the remaining GOP senate). Mike Pence is still there somewhere, lurking in the shadows, let’s call him Bib Fortuna (that guy with the two head tails that hung out with Jabba). Fox News still has some stormtrumpers (thank you for the term, Mr. Breathed!). And, of course, Darth Vader and the Emperor are still out there. Those being the rampant racism brought out in Americans (because Vader is bigger than just one person) and Putin. (Honestly, who did you really think would be the emperor in this situation?)

That’s a lot of crap still out there. Putin we can’t do anything about. We can, however, fix what we’ve got. We all have to be strong and continue fighting against the injustices that are going on in this country. There are out of control police officers – not all of them but they do exist. There is a financial burden that Democrats seem to be good at fixing, but they’ll need help. The racism is what’s killing me at the moment. Not literally, but the fact that it exists at all baffles me no end. I did think we were finally getting over this. I was wrong.

Don’t give up. Don’t do what Han Solo wanted to do – take the reward and wander off. Stick around. Keep up the fight against injustice and prejudice. X-Wings for everybody! Let’s start rebuilding!


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