For the Greater Good…

It came up recently in a Batman book. There was a panel of Penguin and Two-Face commenting about how they don’t wear masks. That started me thinking about the villains who wear masks in DC comics. In the general Bat-family of villains: Bane – but that’s not a disguise thing. It’s a lucha wrestling kind of thing. Harley Quinn and Riddler wore the little domino masks on their eyes… sometimes. Penguin and Two-Face don’t. Joker and Mr. Freeze don’t. Scarecrow does. Ra’s Al Guhl and Poison Ivy don’t. Catwoman does but she’s more of a good guy these days. So out of the top ten Bat-villains, Bane and Scarecrow. Two out of ten? That’s not a whole lot. And Killer Croc doesn’t count. That’s just his face. For every Deadshot or Firefly, there’s a Maxie Zeus, Mad Matter, Solomon Grundy, Hugo Strange or Clock King. Not the best ratio for mask wearing villains.

Does that go across DC as a whole? Let’s see here. Brainiac and Lex Luthor? Nope. Metallo? Doomsday? Darkseid? Livewire? Zod? Mongul? Mxypzptlk? No, Superman’s villains are largely mask free. Cheetah, Giganta, Max Lord, Ares? Nope. Wonder Woman’s gallery seems devoid as well. Sinestro doesn’t – and I honestly can’t think of any other Green Lantern villains off the top of my head. Flash does have some with Mirror Master, Captain Cold and Zoom. Aquaman? Black Manta wears a helmet but I think that’s more a necessity than anything else – he can’t breathe underwater.

Marvel has a few more masked villains, such as Doctor Doom, Taskmaster (you’ll know that one soon enough), Baron Zemo… in the books this poor sod glued his mask to his face. Magneto and Juggernaut wear helmets but their faces are still rather easily seen. Enchantress, Loki, Thanos, though maskless entirely, seem to be in the more prolific in Marvel with characters like the Green Goblin (and his off-shoots) Shocker, Blizzard, Electro, Bullseye. Then again, there’s Apocalypse, Rhyno, Kraven, the Mandarin, Omega Red, Sinister, Sandman, Doc Octopus, Kingpin, Sabertooth, Lizard (again, that’s his face), Morbius, Sebastian Shaw, or Jigsaw.

Not many people wearing masks these days if they’re the villain. And that’s pretty much my point for this little writing. Batman? Wears a mask and he’s a good guy. Wolverine? Wears a mask and he’s a good guy. Green Lantern? Flash? Cyclops? Spider-Man? Captain America? The good guys, with few supernatural exceptions like Superman and Wonder Woman, who have heightened immunities, wear masks. Let’s shorten that last sentence. Good guys wear masks. Now let’s add a bit of real world to this. Corona virus exists and, just for fun, let’s pretend you’re a good guy.


This is going to be the last post for a while. I need a break. Be good and WEAR A DAMN MASK!


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