Well, there’s been another mass shooting. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter when you read this, that’s going to be true. I wish it weren’t true, but there’s little I can do about that. The people who need to do something about it are spending all of their time sending “thoughts and prayers” to the families of the victims. I’m not sure why.

I’ve never known anything to actually come of thoughts and prayers. I’ve seen them mentioned all over the place, but what has really come of them? I had a friend who had cancer, which sucks… duh. People sent him plenty of thoughts and prayers. He died anyway. The philosophy I got back was two-fold. One, apparently God wanted his time to be done, and, two, maybe people didn’t send enough thoughts and prayers. Like there’s a quota, or something. You must reach so many before they’ll work? How many is that? And with as many as sent over this gun issue, why hasn’t that been resolved? Surely we’ve met the quota on that by now.

Having said that, the solution to the problem can’t be “thoughts and prayers.” It has to be common sense (there’s those words again!) gun legislation. There is only one country ON THE PLANET that hasn’t regulated guns down to scarcity levels, and it’s the United States. There is only one country on the planet that still has mass shootings regularly, also, the United States. Coincidence? According to the government, they can’t find a corolation so it must be coincidence! Of course, it isn’t.

Through August 3rd of 2019, there have been 256 mass shootings globally. 249 of them in the United States. Three in Mexico and one in Canada, countries that border the U.S.. How people can NOT see how this is happening is staggering. It truly defies belief. Which is somewhat ironic since those same people are the ones sending “thoughs and prayers,” which, correct me if I’m wrong, are belief based. The problem can’t be the guns, according to them.

So, what is the problem? Violent video games and movies! Violent video games are, in no uncertain terms, an outlet for frustration and energy. They release tension and make players less violent. Check the studies, they’re everywhere… unless you’re using a Rupert Murdoch-owned search engine, like Fox “News.” Movies are in the same boat. Yes, there are, occasionally, people who get ideas from the movies, but they’ve always been found to have other issues that can be dealt with in other ways.

Want an example? Look at the “militia compounds” that are springing up across the country. People who arm themselves, with things just short of artillery, if we’re honest, and baracade themselves away from society. No movies. No television. No video games. Only “God” and their Bibles, usually. And when they do “go into town” for supplies, mass shootings occur because they start them. Read those last five sentances again, slowly and out loud. That’s not the issue, is it?

Even if these people get the ideas from the movies, if they have easy access to the weaponry needed to pull off their ideas, which they do, doesn’t that make it more likely that they’ll start a mass-shooting? Video games, television and the movies aren’t real. Guns are. Removing the imaginary parts aren’t going to help. Get rid of the reality that’s making the imaginary come to life. And I mean the guns, not the science.

But that’s a whole ‘nother entry. Stay tuned.

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