Healthcare – Why The Hell Not?

A couple weeks ago, my oldest daughter, the one that’s moved out already, yes, I’m that old, had a pain in her legs. She did what anyone living in today’s society should be able to do without too much fuss, she went to a doctor… kinda.

She started at Urgent MD, a local (that I know of) clinic that deals with things on Sundays, which this happened to be. The problem was that the Urgent MD clinic wasn’t equipped to deal with something like this. They recommended she go to the emergency room as her pain was hindering her ability to walk.

The hospital they recommended was Doctor’s Hospital in Augusta, Georgia. If you ever have a medical issue and need an emergency room, I can not highly suggest you find somewhere else enough. After a several hour wait in what she says was a mostly empty emergency room, which sounds like it wasn’t busy to me, she was seen by an intern.

If this doesn’t sound like a promising start, you’re right. And it’s not the first time we’ve dealt with such. I will give them this, they ran several tests, including an MRI, and took blood for testing. Then, with no further to do, they told her that she was fine and to go home and take aspirin. Oh, by the way, here’s your $1000+ medical bill that your insurance doesn’t cover.

You’ll notice that I didn’t say what the results of the tests were. We still don’t know. Never got them. Thankfully the pain subsided a few days later and she returned to work, but I’m curious, how many people does this have to happen to before we fix it?

She wasn’t cured by a doctor, nurse or intern. Hell, not even a janitor. (Not knocking janitors, just saying…) They charged her the price of my first car to sit in an uncomfortable room, wait anxiously, watch Fox [So-Called] News against her will (as it’s on three televisions), and finally be seen by someone who, after taking blood, told her to just go home and take aspirin. Thank god it wasn’t a heart attack or a gun-shot wound. “Oh, you’ve been shot? Here’s a band-aid. That’ll be $1500. Walk it off.” That response would surprise me not.

My personal theory is that it’s called Doctor’s Hospital because of two things: 1) No church would give them a saint to name it after and 2) no university would do that either. Sheer speculation on my part. The people I’ve dealt with there seem to be the answer to a horrible, irony-filled, joke. What do you call the person who graduated last in his/her class at medical school? Doctor. Well, they have to end up somewhere. I guess it’s here. Not promising.

This leads me back to healthcare in general. Quoth the Clarkson: How hard can it be? The United States is, allegedly, the best country in the world, and, yet, the only one of the “first world” countries that I know of that DOESN’T have free healthcare.

For example, we send $3.1-billion to Israel every year, right? They have free healthcare. They also have free universities and a wonderful infrastructure. Why, if we’re giving them that kind of money, can’t we have that too?

Wouldn’t it be great to have healthcare for everyone? Here’s an idea even the rich should be able to get behind: if the poor have healthcare, they won’t need as much sick leave, nor will they blow off the doctor they can’t afford and come to work and pass around whatever they have causing more people to get sick. If everyone’s healthy, everyone’s working. No sick leave needed… as much.

Also, this would, by default, help with the instruction of our doctors and administrators. More patients to learn from, if nothing else. That way we don’t have situations like my daughter’s. There’s very few things more frustrating than throwing away money on something that does nothing. Giving $1000 to someone who said “take aspirin,” not helpful.

Oh, there was one more thing they added. “Go see your regular doctor when they open tomorrow.” Sounds to me like someone neglected to put in her chart that she DID go see her regular doctor who told her to go there. And her regular doctor was not given the test results either. So, if you work for Doctor’s Hospital and you’re reading this, perhaps someone could get back to us on those test results.

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  1. Absolutely kick-ass commentary my friend! Next time, however, suggest Elder daughter try the aspirin first. Have you asked about getting some of the money back or sending them a copy of what you wrote (in a little softer format maybe)? So they know what the thinking really is out here! PS – They don’t care that folks like me lived (for years) in countries that take care of folks’ health and education FIRST! Oh, what am I saying… They gave Trump “the pass”… now he can take even more away from us…and he will enjoy doing it…


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