Set Phrases For Obsolete

Set Phrases for Obsolete – Part 3

Here are some more phrases that are used frequently, almost daily by some, and I don’t think people have quite thought them through. They really don’t make a whole lot of sense. Therefore, I’m continuing to compile a list of them for the purpose of showing why they don’t work in hopes that we’ll find something to replace them with.

Cool Beans
When something is good, occasionally, and this one is coming back for some reason, you’ll hear it called “cool beans.” Apparently, the origin of the phrase is ye olde sitcom “Full House,” or “Cheech and Chong” movies – depends on which website you look at. Why? No clue. I often wonder, “why beans?” Why not corn or asparagus or a different vegetable? We don’t even know what kind of beans, do we. Green? Pinto? Baked? Black eyed? And do any of those taste good when not, at least, warm? Why are “cool beans” a good thing?

Drinking the Kool-Aid
This one kills me. It’s used a LOT when someone, or a group, falls for information that just isn’t true and then goes about insisting it is. I understand that it comes from the Jonestown Massacre. (If you don’t know what that is, look it up.) But my issue with it is quite simply that it wasn’t Kool-Aid used at Jonestown. It was FLAVOR AID – a Kool-Aid knockoff. Kool-Aid has gotten an horrific rap for this and it is simply based on the fact that people didn’t know what Flavor Aid was and rather than have it explained just went with the more popular Kool-Aid brand. So, in a sense, the phrase “Drinking the Kool-Aid” came about because millions of people drank the Flavor Aid.

Going Down In History
There’s nothing really wrong with this phrase but why does it sound like someone’s performing oral sex on a teacher for a better grade? There. I said it. Now, you’ll think about that every time you hear that phrase going forward.

Kiss My Ass
I’m putting this on here because I recently heard a homophobic man shout (to another man) “I’m not gay. And if you think I am, you can just kiss my ass!” At the risk of making a horrific pun, I’m just going to let that one sink in for a moment.

I’ll have more of these again soon.


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