It's How You Look At It – or – It Was Named Incorrectly In The First Place

There’s been a misconception in television for a while now and I’d like to clean it up. I’ll start with: some of you may have noticed the preposition in the previous sentence is “in” not “on.” “On” television implies a program of some sort. The problem is with the television itself. You most likely have one of these televisions and you’re calling it by the wrong name.

Who’s Suffering Now?

I’m going to let you know up front, this post is born out of my own ignorance. It concerns a subject that is sensitive to many people and, so you know, I’m on the side of the women on this one. I have no problem with the movement I am about to talk about, I would have been in favor of it if I were around when all this happened. I do not want it reversed. I would, however, like it to have a different name for the movement and it’s followers as the one it has makes remarkably little sense to me. The words in question, in my mind, are “Sufferage” and “Sufferagette.”

Afternoons in Dystopia

To make sure everyone’s on the same page, defines dystopia as “an imagined state or society in which there is great suffering or injustice, typically one that is totalitarian or post-apocalyptic.” I would like to upgrade that definition. I don’t think it’s an imagined state. I think we’re there.