It’s Probably Worse Than You Think

I suppose it’s time I addressed the corona virus. It’s taken over pretty much the entire planet at this point, at least from a news perspective. Can’t ignore it and you really shouldn’t.

Let’s start with some basics. Yes, it gives you something similar to the flu. Yes, the flu kills about 30,000 people a year globally. The corona virus has killed more than twice that just in the United States in three months. Which one is the more virulent strain? The United States has lost more people to the corona virus than it lost in the Vietnam war. This is not a made up number. This is cold, hard fact. This disease has killed more than, ahem…

War of 1812 2260
Afghanistan 2445
Spanish/American 2446
9/11 2977
Iraq 4431
Revolutionary 4435
Mex/America 13283
Korea 36574
World War I 53402
COVID-19 58365
World War II 291557
Civil War 498332

(through April 28, 2020 – source: National Geographic)

Unfortunately, I think we can beat those last two. Even more unfortunately, I think we’re going to.

Despite this, there are still millions of people who don’t believe it to be serious. They insist on going outside and wanting to shop, get their haircut, and, this is how desperate they are, go to work. Granted, there are people at work now who are the real heroes of this whole pandemic. It’s not the billionaires. It’s the grocery store clerk, the stockboy/girl, the doctors, the nurses, the people who “don’t deserve more than $7.25 per hour.” I put that in quotes for a reason. Mainly because it’s bullshit.

Think about this, during the London “Blitz,” when German aircraft struck at night at any light that happened to be on, and the British government said “turn your lights off! It’s for your own good!” Would these same people have said “I want to have my lights on! It’s against my freedoms to make me turn it off!”? There’s a parallel. If you see it, great. If not, explain it to the others. Or, and this is me being a bit cold and uncaring, let them turn the lights on and see what happens. That just means fewer of them voting in November! (I’m really trying to be good about this but they make it so difficult.)

Let me add to this that the “power of prayer” is not going to save you. It’s fairly hard to ignore the number of cases where a priest of some sort cons his followers (notice I didn’t say “Christ’s followers”) into a church where the priest and several followers get the corona virus and die. Don’t bother sending thoughts and prayers either. That has never been useful.

The corona virus is not carried by new 5G cellphone signals. CNET, a very trusted name in computer news, said in a recent article, “There’s so much to disprove the very notion of this mechanism, the [conspiracy] “theorists” argue, that it must be true.” The complete lack of logic in that statement terrifies me… but doesn’t surprise me.

How about our leadership? Well, there’s the White House run by an orange buffoon. He says to drink bleach and inject Lysol – but he says it “sarcastically.” Note that when he said that it was with the same tone he’s said anything else… ever. Does that mean he’s been “sarcastic” this whole time? Including the “protect the country” oath he took? Because that would actually make sense since he’s doing a piss poor job of that.

He’s even resorted to distraction tactics. Did you notice that the White House admitted the existence of UFOs? I did and I look for that sort of thing. Unless they land and give us a cure, it’s not a big deal at the moment. Hopefully, when this is over, we can revisit that issue.

Then there’s the protesters. The ones with the masks and machines guns. Those aren’t protesters, by the way. Just on the description, they’re “Vanilla ISIS.” (I’d credit whomever came up with that but I don’t know who it was – it was good though.) Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer noticed the “protesters” that stormed Michigan’s capitol recently “carried nooses and Confederate flags and swastikas.” Because those are symbols of freedom? Oh, wait. No, those are symbols of oppression and ignorance.

So maybe, just maybe, we should work on our education and make sure that people know to stay inside, or, if you really need to go outside, wear a mask. Not necessarily if you just go for a walk, but if you see other people, wear it. Carry it with you like your wallet or your keys. This isn’t going away any time soon. Wear the mask. Wear it properly. Wear it proudly. We can beat this… with or without governmental assistance.


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