Socially FAQ’ed Up

I wanted to touch on a few subjects here so let’s look at some “Frequently Asked Questions” that seem to continue to pop up. I DID NOT MAKE UP THE QUESTIONS.

1) Regarding the Black Lives Matters protests, how does disrespecting something of mine make me want to respect you?
Simple. It’s all about the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have other do unto you. Americans have seriously disrespected the “black community*” for CENTURIES or longer and… hello. They’re finally treating you the way you’ve been treating them. Maybe if you start respecting them, their rights and their community…

2) Donald Trump donated his salary to [insert something inane here]. Why isn’t that in the news?
His presidential salary is $400,000 per year. Four years = $1.6 million. Donald Trump has spend $136 million** of tax payer money on golf, most of which was at his own, private golf club that he owns which means HE’S POCKETING THAT MONEY AND PLAYING GOLF. Why this isn’t embezzlement I can’t tell you. If you or I did it, we’d be in jail. Incidentally, 136-million is more than 1.6-million. I know some of you are mathematically challenged.

3) Republicans freed the slaves. Why are you so down on them?
Liberals freed the slaves. Republicans, at the time, were liberal. Believing in liberty. The parties switched from liberal to conservative sometime, likely, before you were born. So, technically, yes, the Republicans freed the slaves. Then they became “conservative” and have tried to lock them up ever since. Require proof? See: ICE and the children at the border still in LITERAL cages.

4) Why are Muslims terrorists?
A vast majority of them aren’t. Period. And even the 9/11 guys, are they really “terrorists” or just retaliating? Let me explain that. First, I do NOT CONDONE ANY BOMBING. However, in the late 70s, the United States started bombing countries in the Middle East – Iran, Iraq, Seria, Afghanistan, etc. These bombing happened at least weekly, and to my knowledge, are continuing today. So, let’s think about that for a moment. They attacked us once and we, as a country, lost our shit. We’ve been bombing them for over 40 years. Was it a terrorist strike? Or was it them finally realizing the whole “do unto others” bit? It’s in the Quran, too, you know. By the way, I DO NOT CONDONE ANY BOMBING.

5) Why do they worship Allah instead of God?
Sigh. In America, we call this particular red fruit an “Apple.” In French, it’s called “Pomme.” In Arabic, it’s “Tafaha” (according to Google). In English, we say “God.” In French, they say “Dieu.” In Arabic, they say “Allah.” Guess what. It’s all the same guy. As mentioned before, I read the book. Same guy.

6) What’s wrong with flying the Confederate flag?
It’s a symbol of the people in the United States who wanted to KEEP slavery intact (which is bad) AND, just for fun, they lost the war. Similarly, in Germany, it’s illegal to fly the Nazi flag. They lost their war and it’s considered in “remarkably bad taste” to fly it. Why would you want to? The Confederacy, after all, lasted less time than Obama’s presidency. Five years to eight. Oh look. Lost again. Look at it this way, if you absolutely have to, if you don’t fly it, you can hide your racist dickishness a little better. I did, recently, see an argument that the red symbolizes “Christ’s blood” and the blue represents something religious and so on and so forth. I’m not Christian so that does nothing for me… and it’s still a symbol of hate. But if “Christ” was on your side, I guess your “God” let you down, didn’t he? (“Jesus made me fumble!” Old George Carlin bit. Look it up.)

7) What is wrong with some police officers? (I don’t think it’s ALL of them.)
My guess would be poor training. It takes 11-weeks to graduate from the police academy which entitles you to “enforce the peace” while heavily armed. Meanwhile, it takes 40-weeks to graduate from the hair academy – which entitles you to cut hair of paying customers. The plan is to defund the militarization of the police and put it toward training and education… and other preventative measures so the bad ones stop being dicks.

8) Is pepper spray a “chemical irritant?”
Yes. If it wasn’t, why would they be using it? I’m pretty sure you don’t need to “season” the protesters. You’re not cooking them.

* – My apologies if that is not the currently correct term.
** – Through June 15, 2020

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