It's How You Look At It – or – It Was Named Incorrectly In The First Place

There’s been a misconception in television for a while now and I’d like to clean it up. I’ll start with: some of you may have noticed the preposition in the previous sentence is “in” not “on.” “On” television implies a program of some sort. The problem is with the television itself. You most likely have one of these televisions and you’re calling it by the wrong name.

More Grammatically Correct

I’ve always had doubt about our educational system in the Good Ol’ United States. The fact that they call it the “Good Ol'” anything should be a hint. But the two kids I have that are still in school (one graduated from college already, thank you) have brought home some homework that is a bit outdated. It doesn’t worry me so much because they realize it. It just worries me that so many people won’t realize that.

If You Don't Know What It Means… Don't Use It!

There’s one word that people seem to get wrong all the damn time. Do an image search for it and you got lots of pretty text, a fish, Shrek, actor Tom Ellis on fire, three women in sports bras and one guy who looks like he might get it but there’s a mushroom cloud in the background so… no. Do you know what this magic and allegedly happy word is?

This One’s Going To Get Me Audited

Here’s a conundrum that has eluded the concept of logic for centuries. Our government wants us to pay taxes. Fair enough. Otherwise they wouldn’t have any money. The government also wants us to figure out how much to pay them. We figure this out by having the government send us a W-2 form. Anyone else catch what’s wrong with this particular scenario?